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Chip Evans is a Web Designer located in Cumming, GA with a knack for empowering clients by fully understanding their vision and goals. I will guide you through the process of website planning; acquiring and managing web technology; managing the final product; and interacting with users to gather, deliver, or sell.

My web design focus is helping small businesses develop complex online tools while keeping management processes simple. I have developed a proven and repeatable system that maximizes budgets because I’ve identified best in class solutions intended to match client needs with resources.

In other words, I provide a scalable and user-friendly solution that can be launched and maintained easily and inexpensively. Leverage my expertise to get premium design, functionality, and service without paying premium prices.

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Logo & Brand Identity Design
I need a graphic designer to design my logo

I need a creative agency to design a logo or brand identity for my business or product.

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Website Design & Development
I need a Web Designer to build me a website

I need a custom or WordPress website designed for my business or product.

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SEO and Reputation Management
I need an SEO Pro to manage my reputation

I need a Search Engine Marketing Company to help me with my SEO and reputation management.

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Digital Marketing & PPC
I need a digital marketer to help with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

I need a digital agency to help with marketing campaigns for my business or product.

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High Quality Graphic Design
I need a graphic designer to provide High Quality Graphic Design

I need help from a professional graphic designer on a design project involving a brochure, trade show booth, or magazine.

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Website Management & Hosting
I need a web designer to provide hosting, tech support or website management.

I need hosting, tech support or website management so I can focus on my business goals.

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Web Design Blog
Read Evans Design Studio's Web Design Blog

Learn about our expertise by reading the web design blog.

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Reviews & Accolades
Read Client Testimonials and Accolades

Learn what our clients think by reading our client testimonials.

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Design Portfolio
Explore Evans Design's Design Portfolio

See the quality of our work by visiting the design portfolio.

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What do Evans Design Studio clients say?

5 Star Top Rated Web Design and Digital Marketing Company

“When upgrading our website design, software and server, Chip played a vital role in both design and technical support. We experienced challenges as is common, but he was responsive day and night making sure we were back up and running as quickly as possible.”

“Chip was totally responsible for getting my website to where it is today. He quickly recognized what I needed and especially the things I did not know I needed. He was able to get ideas from my mind and to the internet. I continually get positive comments on my website. Thanks Chip!”

Parkey Thompson, Financial Focus

“I highly recommend Chip Evans for your web-site needs. Chip built Luxury Mediterranean online boutique website and was quick to grasp the intent of what we were trying to communicate. He was timely and efficient and always kept our organization’s best interest at heart. Working with Chip was better than having a full time web master on payroll. Feel free to contact me for further details.”

Jason T. Quimby, Marina & Carrara

“Chip is – by far – the best graphic designer I’ve worked with. He’s extremely creative and delivers a superior product every time and usually ahead of schedule. I know my projects are in good hands when Chip is working on them. I would be nervous sending my work to anyone else.”

“Thanks SO much to Evans Design! My website design is SO much better than I asked for and it’s changed the face of my business. Chip was extremely patient with all of my website design requests /  changes,  and he  professionally managed to create exactly what I needed. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the finished product. Thanks so much!”

“I have worked with Chip Evans on four different websites. He brings a rare combination of technical skills and visual design prowess to the creative mix. That being said, Chip is also a good listener and that can be of paramount importance for clients that may be relatively new to the world of website design!”

John Valentine, Stone & Tile Design

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